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We do not seek perfection, knowing full well that it is not among people; However, we are looking for such a (...) managerial constitution, the shortcomings of which would be most deserving of understanding.

Algernon Sidney / dr Artur Smolik

this quote is from the Constitution of Freedom, Friedrich A. von Hayek

Each social group can develop and raise the standards of its activities if it has reference points in relation to or in accordance with which it can operate. States have constitutions, that is, the highest legal acts, and social groups  a catalog of ethical behavior standards that define the manner of conduct and behavior.

We cordially invite you to implement the rules and  the idea of the Code of Managerial Ethics as a confirmation that the management staff in your companies operates transparently, having the highest priority of key stakeholder groups within business processes.

If you need support in the process of implementing the principles of managerial ethics, write to us , we will help.

ethical codex



1. As Managers and Managers  we are convinced that our responsibility consists primarily in:

  • providing customers and consumers with products (goods or services) of appropriate quality ;

  • doing so in the long term ;

  • ensuring proper relationships with the company's key stakeholders ;

  • acting in accordance with the law and moral standards .  


2. We strive to ensure that the companies and teams we run enjoy the trust of stakeholders (ie customers and consumers, employees, shareholders, other managers, suppliers and recipients) as well as competitors and the public.


3. Opinions and suggestions of our company's stakeholders are considered with due diligence and taken into account when making decisions.


4. The organizational culture of our companies is manifested in the responsibility for employees and their responsibility for the tasks entrusted to them.


5. Every employed worker - male and female - is not discriminated against, their dignity as a person is respected , their work is fairly and in a timely manner, and their work environment is safe and healthy.


6. Managing the company at all levels is carried out skilfully and with care to observe moral standards, thus serving as a model of conduct.


7. This requires us to be active, safe and transparent at the same time to conduct production and commercial activities as well as financial operations, as well as to be ready to bear the consequences in case of mistakes.  


8. In doing so, we are reliable partners in the activities of creating goods and multiplying values , and fair profit and fair competition testify to our ability to creatively respond to changes in the social environment in which we operate.  


9. Out of concern for the common good , including the natural environment, we undertake important social initiatives and we provide patronage to the best of our abilities.


10. Our integrity is demonstrated by the alignment of our words and our actions .

* The manager's ethical code was developed by Dr. Artur Smolik,  based on material developed by  prof. Wojciech Gasparski (Business Ethics Center IFiS PAN & WSPiZ); April 21, 2005, in cooperation with the Polish Confederation of Private Employers "Lewiatan".

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